Synergy is the Secret of Natural Remedies™

Roscoe Johnson founded Green Cylinder Labs, Inc.™ in 2013. A mad scientist and long time cannabis activist, Roscoe brought healing family recipes from the 19th into the 21st century. Pain and psoriasis were his driving forces. Green Potion Ultimate Relief Cream™ answered the call.
Trials were extended to family and friends in 2008, then to more families and more friends. To date, hundreds of Americans have volunteered to test our safe, natural compounds over several years. I know of no voluntary clinical study that has gone this long and garnered such overwhelmingly positive results. Testimonials describe relief for many ailments; arthritis, migraines, skin conditions, sinusitis and more. Improving the quality of people’s lives is the most rewarding result of our work.

Almost daily we receive letters from patients explaining how their lives are changed for the better. Quitting toxic drugs, living with less pain, playing with their children and grandchildren, wearing shorts for the first time in years with clear skin. All these and many more stories make our hard work worthwhile.

Our motto: “Synergy is the Secret of Natural Remedies”™ really defines Green Potions mission and purpose.

Our Proprietary Herb Blends™ #1 and #2 are marvelous healing compounds that have been tested since 2008.
In 2010 I became a Medical Marijuana Patient in Washington. I hadn’t smoked pot in years more than once or twice a year. Then I experimented adding Cannabis oils to my topical soothers. BOOM!

In double blind tests eight of ten people chose, “This one seems a little better and seems to last a little longer. That was the version with a minuscule amount of Cannabis oil.

Green Cylinder Labs™ proudly announces three Green Potions™ with High CBD Cannabis Oils. All our therapies offer the highest levels of quality control and consistency for high potency medicines. All are 100% natural with certified organic ingredients.

Every Green Potion™ is based on a GCL Proprietary Herb Blend™; Organic and wild-crafted medicinal herbs combined to provide almost magical results in comforting. Combined with the highest quality ingredients in the industry; food grade extra virgin oils, , vitamins and whole nutrients, Green Potions™ are the state of the art in natural topical therapies.

Green Potions Proprietary Herb Blends #1 and #2™ are perfectly balanced, natural plants providing anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, analgesic, cell and immune building properties. Hundreds of alkaloids, esters, terpenes, antagonists, and precursors that realize their ultimate expression in Green Potions™.

Introducing Green Cylinder Laboratories Inc.™ Licensing and Customization Programs

Washington MMJ processors can now infuse Green Potions™ creams, lotions and liniments with their own concentrates under their own labels.
Contact Green Cylinder Labs Inc. for details on licensing and bulk purchase contracts.

We offer custom compounding of specific therapies to patients and health care professionals. Contact Roscoe for customization/technical information. Special Needs / Sales /Lab & Tech Data call Roscoe 206-384-2581 © 2013 GCL Inc.
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